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Our customers

Kelly Education® is a partner to thousands of schools across the country with a 100% success improving substitute placement rates in all our partner districts

Our motto is that “education is a shared responsibility” and with approximately 1 billion student learning days affected by teacher absences each year, we take our responsibility of making sure there is a teacher in every classroom and providing substitute teachers who can carry on the continuity of instruction when the teacher is absent -- very seriously.

With our substitute management solution, school districts experience dramatic increases in educational efficiency, while achieving cost savings opportunities through avenues such as a reduction in teacher absenteeism, and recovery of grant dollars through sophisticated fund/code tracking, and much more.

The numbers don’t lie:

  • Kelly Education places qualified staff in more than 2.8 million classrooms each school year and is currently servicing over 7,000 schools across 35 states
  • To date, close to a half billion student learning days were taught by a Kelly Education substitute teacher
  • Our implementation process is the most detailed and thorough in the industry--successfully implementing more than 900 school/district programs since 1997
  • We have experience and a proven track record with large volume clients, and have handled more than 33,000 absences in a single day during the school year
  • A toll free, centralized customer support team available 15 hours daily (5AM-8PM EST) with 100+ trained engagement specialists to constantly monitor and manually fill  absences (especially those same day or last minute). Available by phone or email, this team handles more than 1.8 million requests for help each school year.

While these statistics are important, they are not nearly as important to us as securing and retaining satisfied customers, and making a positive difference by increasing educational efficiency in every district … well, actually, in every classroom.

Contact us today to find out how we can go to work for you from the very start—saving your district money and time, while increasing the opportunity for student success.