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Powerful reporting

There is no question that substitute management data is powerful. But it can also be misleading—or even damaging—if not presented well, easy to understand, relevant and, most importantly, in real time

Kelly Education® offers daily in-depth and easy to view reporting related to teacher absenteeism and other important data, to help identify work pattern trends and develop forecasting. View data and trends by district, by school, by absence reason, and so much more. All helping to drive substitute management cost reductions.

You get:

  • Exclusive access to several industry-leading, user-friendly 24/7 web-based automated absence management and timekeeping systems, including a custom reporting tool
  • Robust reporting options that are simple to get to, and as easy as logging in and clicking away. Lots of options, lots of data—without a lot of guesswork.
  • Reporting in real time view (really at any time) of all absences – open and placed – either for the total district or for a particular school. Or let’s say something more complex, such as a detailed view of absence reasons by school, by placement rate. And much more!

Kelly Education provides these reports along with value-added consultation that turns this data into useful and actionable information for your school or district.

Contact us today for copies of some basic reports, or to find out how we can go to work for you from the very start—saving your district money and time, while increasing the opportunity for student success.