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Cost savings

With our substitute management solutions, Kelly Education® provides school districts with real budget savings opportunities as well as gains in operational efficiency. This means immediate hard and soft cost savings for you. 

Kelly Education understands the challenges you face every day  

  • Maintaining the integrity of your learning environment when educators are absent
  • Meeting state or federal education mandates with limited resources
  • Reducing expenses and creating efficiencies in your district
  • Keeping parents and students engaged and satisfied
  • Increasing staff morale in times of unrelenting pressures

We can help

Our customers experience real cost savings opportunities 

  • Robust, real-time data that leads to a reduction in employee absenteeism
  • Recovery of grant dollars through sophisticated fund/code tracking
  • Transfer of additional costs to us that are related to substitute employee management, well beyond payroll—such as administration staff salaries, advertising, facilities, hiring/screening/training/orientation costs, and much more

You will also experience dramatic operational efficiency gains  

  • Substantially reduced hours spent managing the process, the people, and the paperwork related to substitute employee scheduling
  • Increased human resources productivity via targeted and year round recruiting, screening and staffing
  • Reduced stress surrounding last minute absences, and fewer classrooms left without a teacher. The burden shifts to us and with 100% success improving substitute placement rates in all our partner districts—we are definitely morning people.

Contact us today to find out how Kelly Education can go to work for you from the very start—saving your district money and time, while increasing the opportunity for student success.