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Human Resources Consulting

Kelly Education® provides instructional personnel to schools more than 2.8 million times each school year, including an additional 365,000+ non-instructional positions. We have learned a lot about school systems like yours and are able to offer our experience and unique perspective to help you more effectively and efficiently manage your human resources, both in terms of personnel and process.

And, due to our leadership position in the world of education, Kelly Education is committed to bringing best practices and emerging trends to our customers. We gather data and benchmarks to share with customers for consideration, including trends in education and recruitment as well as labor market research.

We are helping your peers:

  • Obtain in-depth reporting and data analysis to drive reductions in absenteeism through informed policy changes and other proven methods
  • Identify work pattern trends and develop forecasting related to substitute employee programs and pools
  • Analyze human resource processes, offering process improvements to drive cost reductions and increased efficiencies

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