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At this moment, post-secondary institutions are facing unprecedented challenges—from affordability and access, to diversity and a rapidly changing professional landscape. The institutions that thrive will be the ones that innovate and commit to becoming leaner, more nimble, and more flexible.

By partnering with Kelly® Education, institutions can prepare for and overcome whatever challenges stand between them and providing the highest quality educational experiences for their students.

  • Since 2009, four-year college enrollment has declined.
  • Since 2016, more than 60 colleges have closed or merged.
  • Online learning may be key to the future of higher ed.
  • Greater demand for instructors who can impart real-world expertise.




Higher education workforce solutions

Administrative Talent

Administrative Talent

Custodial Talent

Custodial Talent

Need more proof?
47% Of adjunct instructors in our database self-identify as ethnically diverse.
35 Years’ experience in partnering with higher-education institutions to deliver needed talent.
150+ Partners in higher education across our United States portfolio.

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We can help solve your most complex talent challenges—both today and in the future—by delivering high-quality talent that moves education forward.

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