Powering the future of higher education through workforce innovation.​

Colleges and universities need diverse, talented, and motivated employees—and in today’s world—they also need a bit of agility in their workforce.​

Kelly Education makes that happen. As a  trusted partner to schools and institutions across the United States, we've placed more than 4 million education positions in a single year.

Employment challenges facing academia.​

Enrollment fluctuations​

Consumer demand for ROI and pandemic-related health concerns has translated to erratic shifts in enrollment.​

Remote workforce ​management​

A growing appetite for online instruction and a preference to work from home are creating new HR challenges.​

A tight labor ​market​

Institutions must compete with other business sectors to attract and retain valuable employees with specialized skills.​

Compliance administration​

Meeting new state and federal legal and/or regulatory rules for employment is increasingly more complicated.​

Financial constraints​

Hyper-inflation and market shifts are causing budget strain and inefficiencies in the labor supply chain.


We know higher education.​

Our team understands the competing demands of higher education from the inside out. That’s because we’ve walked in your shoes. Our practice vice president, Dr. Michael Plater, is a former university president, provost, dean, and faculty member. Our passion is helping to solve workforce-related challenges for institutions facing economic pressures while positioning them for strategic growth.

Solutions we customize for your institution.​

For academic and non-academic roles.

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Access to qualified talent

Provide access to top tier global faculty and staff.

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Employer of Record

Create efficiencies by reducing payroll and HR burdens.​

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Compliance risk mitigation​

Reduce risks by managing a remote workforce.

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Benefits administration​

Realize cost savings through our greater bargaining power.

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Professional ​development

Ensure high performance via​ continuous learning.​

We’re dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to improve their lives through meaningful work—that means breaking down systemic barriers wherever they exist. ​


Our Equity@Work initiative seeks to end barriers to obtaining employment.

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Education & credentialing

Our partnerships provide alternate paths to job skills.

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Kelly 33

Our Kelly 33 program helps people find second chances at work.​

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We work with institutions as a consultative partner to create tailored solutions to the most complex talent challenges—so they can focus on academic and research missions.​

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