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After School Staffing

Kelly Education® works with both school districts and community-based organizations to provide qualified, skilled staff to After School programs. All of our employees are screened to ensure they meet state and district-level requirements. Additionally, they receive a thorough orientation program which includes classroom management techniques and teaching strategies.

Our After School solution includes:

  • Dedicated after school program management team
  • Recruiting and retention assistance
  • One-on-one interview process
  • State- and district-specific background checks and screening, including the National Sex Offender Registry
  • Program-specific orientation and on-boarding
  • Payroll, benefits and reporting
  • Quality control

We are helping your peers:

  • Recruit and retain qualified personnel
  • Maintain a proper staff-to-student ratio
  • Maintain staff attendance requirements to aid in securing ongoing funding
  • Remove the administrative burden of managing a fluid workforce

To learn more about how Kelly Education can help you with your human resources needs, please contact us.