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At a time when alternative methods of instruction continue to be evaluated, adjunct instructors are high-value assets who create positive outcomes for students, faculty, and institutions alike.
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A solution for the collegiate workforce

As higher education institutions evaluate alternative methods of instruction, the need for adjunct instructors will increase and their value will only improve as they impart their real-world wisdom to students. Employing adjunct instructors who are better trained at virtual teaching is not only more affordable, it also creates positive outcomes for both faculty and institutions. This shift is long overdue, allowing institutions everywhere to assess and develop new ways to find instructors, educate and inspire their students, and build on their reputation.

Kelly® Education can deliver value to your college through multiple solution models—from the recruitment of adjunct instructors, to our comprehensive hands-on approach for onboarding, orientation, and professional development, all the way through payrolling, or any part of the continuum you may need.

Why Kelly
84% Of college-student parents would pay more to improve the quality of online education.
83% Of HR professionals struggle to recruit suitable young candidates. Adjunct Instructors offer valuable real-world preparation.
47% Of Adjunct Instructors in our database self-identify as ethnically diverse.

Elevating your approach to adjunct instructors hiring

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Keeping Virtual Adjunct Faculty Compliant


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Kelly Education Report:  Higher Education in Crisis

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