Futures at Stake: Why tutors are needed more than ever


Addressing pandemic learning recovery.

As the nation gears up for another back-to-school season, schools are implementing evidence-based interventions at an historic scale. According to a new Education Week Research Center survey—which was commissioned by Kelly Education—97 percent of districts plan to leverage tutoring in the coming year to address post-pandemic learning recovery. The nationwide total for this intervention could amount to $12.75 billion.

With so much at stake, the demand for high-quality tutoring talent has never been higher. In this webinar, we discuss:

  • New survey results from more than 3,000 teachers, administrators, and parents about the role of tutoring in addressing learning loss;
  • The latest research on the critical role of talent in successfully implementing an effective tutoring initiative;
  • Strategies for recruiting and hiring high-quality tutoring talent beyond traditional avenues.

District leaders will walk away with creative ideas and best practices for rolling out a large-scale tutoring initiative to support individual student needs.


  • Holly Kurtz, Ph.D., Director, Education Week Research Center
  • Blakely Meyers, Vice President, Tutoring Solutions for Kelly Education

Watch the Webinar