The Impact of the Teacher Vacancy Crisis, Part II

The Impact of the Teacher Vacancy Crisis, Part II

Today’s teachers are feeling over-worked, over-stressed, and under-appreciated.

56 percent

56% of teachers feel their work/life balance has gotten worse in the last year.1


46% report high daily stress during the school year—a percentage equal to that of nurses.2


Only 36% of teachers feel their profession is valued.3

Most immediately, this stress takes a toll on those teachers’ health, and leads to an increase in short-term absences.

It’s also driving new and existing teachers away from the profession, creating more full-time vacancies and an even bigger long-term recruiting problem.

Teachers reported having poor mental health for 11 or more days per month. That’s 2X the rate of the general U.S. workforce.4

1 in 5 teachers plan to leave in the next two years due to an "out of control" workload.1

18% of teachers surveyed characterized their health as "fair" or "poor." That’s 30% more than other U.S. workers.4

Only 4.25% of entering freshmen choose teaching as a profession. That's a 45-year low.5

Your inability to engage reliable substitute teachers is perpetuating your teacher shortage.

Each uncovered absence and unfilled vacancy places additional burden on the educators who do show up, increasing stress and intensifying the overall problem. It's a vicious cycle, and it demands a better solution.

Together, we can create a permanent solution for temporary teachers.

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