Q4 2020 - Substitute Educator Pay Index

Q4 2020 - Substitute Educator Pay Index

Compare substitute educator pay by state

As the largest provider of substitute teachers in the country, we at Kelly Education have an extensive understanding of the challenges facing school districts today. As COVID-19 continues to exacerbate substitute teacher shortages, we took a look at one of the biggest levers district leaders have at their disposal: substitute educator pay, which plateaued over the last decade as minimum wage continues to rise across state.

In this report, we averaged internal quarterly wage data for substitute teachers and paraprofessionals from across 30-plus states to better understand each state’s average substitute educator pay and how it compares to minimum wage. This side-by-side analysis illuminates how substitute teaching has become  a minimum wage job across the country, even though most district leaders agree that increasing pay would increase the quality and quantity of substitute teachers available.  

We hope that this resource can help you advocate for change within your district. 

See how substitute pay compares to minimum wage, state by state, in this quarterly report by Kelly Education and Teachers On Call. 

Key Takeaways:  

  • See how substitute teachers and paraprofessionals were paid by state in Q4 2020  
  • Discover how substitute educator pay compares to minimum wage across 30-plus states 
  • Leverage this report to advocate for change across your district or state 

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