Higher Ed in Crisis

Higher Ed in Crisis

The ongoing dilemma facing higher ed.

Higher education is being tested on multiple fronts. The combined challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, the renewed emphasis on diversity, and the spiraling costs of education have revealed systemic weaknesses in higher ed. When it’s over, the landscape is likely to be unrecognizable. The institutions that survive will be the ones that innovate and commit to becoming leaner, more nimble, and more flexible. Simply stated, higher education must get smarter.

Kelly® Education is focused on helping institutions prepare for and overcome whatever challenges stand between them and providing the highest quality educational experiences for their students, as detailed in this report.

Higher ed is on the cusp of either breakthrough or decline. At Kelly Education, we’re optimists, but realists. Higher education can survive and thrive. But first, some profound institutional inertia has to be addressed.

  • COVID changes everything: 72% of students altered their 2020 plans.
  • Students value diversity in faculty and classrooms as key to growth.
  • Adjunct instructors can greatly impact the success of colleges and students.

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