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Your teaching career starts here.

We’re paving the way for aspiring educators and turning passionate people into confident classroom leaders. Learn how you can become a certified teacher faster than you ever thought possible.

An alternative path to education

Becoming a teacher can be overwhelming. The traditional route of completing a teacher preparation program is pricey and takes years to complete. But with fewer teachers entering the classroom, students are falling behind on their learning and future success. That’s why demand for alternative certification programs (ACPs), like Teachers of Tomorrow, is increasing. ACPs offer a faster, more affordable route for those seeking a career in education. Through our partnership with Teachers of Tomorrow, you can hone your skills as a substitute teacher while working toward certification requirements.

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Today’s track for tomorrow’s teachers

This program provides a streamlined, accessible pathway to a fulfilling career in education. Every person who enrolls will receive all of the necessary training, personalized support, and job access one would receive through a traditional program—at a lower price and quicker pace.

Have you always wanted to become a full-time teacher, but didn’t have the resources to get credentialed? Are you looking to move toward meaningful work where you can have a real impact? We set you up for success, so you can help your students succeed. We invest in you, so you can invest in them.

Become a certified teacher



All you need is a four-year bachelor’s degree to apply. After applying, an enrollment specialist will contact you with the next steps to ensure your eligibility.



300+ hours of online training are required to prepare you for your state’s exam. You’ll finish with an excellent foundation of instructional skills and strategies.



We facilitate the hiring process by aligning your diverse skills with district needs. We actively match you with our network of schools, so it’s the best fit for all.



There’s no need to face your challenges alone. We’ll work with you to manage your completion of the certification requirements.

What you get

We’re helping up-and-coming educators begin rewarding, lifelong careers. Start today, change tomorrow.


  • Who is the ideal candidate for this program?

  • How long does the application process take?

  • Do I need classroom experience to get teacher certified?

  • What's the difference between applying through Kelly, and applying to Teachers of Tomorrow directly?

  • How much does this cost?

  • Which states are participating in this program?

  • What if I'm certified in one state, but want to teach in another? Does my certification transfer?

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Making classrooms more diverse & equitable

More diversity in the classroom increases student achievement. And the number one way to increase diversity is through alternative certification programs (ACPs)—which make teaching jobs more accessible to all demographics. Research has shown that ACPs are more equitable than traditional certification, since alternative credentialing breaks down barriers that prevent talented people from becoming teachers.



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Years of continued success


Alternative certification program in the nation

About Kelly Education

Kelly Education is the largest employer of substitute teachers nationwide—to date, we have provided substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, and non-instructional personnel to schools more than 250 million times throughout our history.

About Teachers of Tomorrow

Teachers of Tomorrow has been state-accredited and trusted by districts and teachers since 2005. For 15+ years, Teachers of Tomorrow has guided aspiring teachers through the entire certification process, from training to hiring.

Learn how you can start teaching this year.  

There has never been a better time to consider a career in education. The ongoing teacher shortage has caused a crisis in our classrooms, but you can be part of the solution.

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