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The teacher shortage is more than just vacancy or absence problem.

Too often, our conversations about substitute teachers are centered on vacancies, absences, fill rates, and the day to day struggle to ensure classrooms get covered. While all of that is important, it fails to address the true potential of quality substitute educators, and their ability to positively impact education in many additional ways.

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30% of student performance is tied to teacher quality.

Source: Pearson, S. (n.d.). The powerful impact of good teachers on student achievement. Retrieved from

A better solution for substitute educators can have benefits beyond fill rates.

From diversity and inclusion, to reduced teacher stress, to an increase in learning days and overall quality of education, your ability to engage high quality substitute teachers can have a significant impact on student achievement. It’s time to change the way we think about substitute teachers, and to start leveraging the true potential that quality temporary educators can offer.


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