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Wondering how you’ll even find and request teaching assignments? Concerned that you’ll have a hard time finding assignments that fit your schedule and qualifications? Don’t be! With our Kelly Automated Scheduling System (KASS), finding and accepting educational assignments is fast and easy!

KASS is our user-friendly Internet and IVR-based automated scheduling system on the industry-leading, user-friendly AESOP platform (privately branded as KASS) that gives you flexibility in scheduling. It lets you search for assignments 24/7 and view positions for which you are qualified.

In fact, in a recent employee satisfaction survey, KASS was rated one of the most satisfying features of Kelly Educational Staffing overall. On a scale of 1–10, KASS was rated:

  • Easy to use when accepting assignments: 8.9
  • Easy to use when searching assignments: 8.7


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