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Need a solution for substitute staffing management and placement? Want to also reduce costs?

Kelly Educational Staffing is the largest provider of substitute teachers nationwide. We are a full service, cost savings solution for all your educational staffing and placement needs ... and so much more. We can even help with the management and placement of your non-educational staff such as office clerical, administrative, food service, janitors, school nurses ... you name it, our staffing services cover it.

Kelly Educational Staffing provides costs savings allowing you to focus on what’s important—your teachers, your students, and even the community. Kelly Educational Staffing has proudly provided staffing placement to schools since 1997 with 100% success improving substitute placement rates in all our partner districts. With our solutions, everyone wins:

  • Your district or school wins with immediate cost savings and reduced administrative burden. Our 24/7 automated scheduling system dramatically reduces the amount of time you spend scheduling and managing teacher absences.

  • Your teachers win through continuity of instruction

  • Your students win by having the classroom staffed with quality substitute teachers trained in classroom management and teaching strategies

  • Your community wins from both our commitment and success in putting quality people to work

For more information on how the Kelly Educational Staffing team can help to ensure your success in deploying an effective substitute management solution, contact us.

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